In Activision's newest trailer for their movie-based The Amazing Spider-Man 2 game, we get reintroduced to one of Spidey's most fearsome villains, but this time with a twist. Say hello to the newest mentor of the Amazing Spider-Man, Kraven.

Surprisingly, Kraven doesn't appear to be set on hunting the biggest spider to ever climb the walls of Manhattan. Instead, he is acting as a sort of mentor to our favorite web-slinger. We can see Kraven's inevitable betrayal coming a mile away with an expected argument about executing criminals. Nevertheless, it's rather intriguing to see how Beenox changed up the original lore of Kraven going to New York in order to stalk Spider-Man as the ultimate prey.

We expect to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2 crawl into our consoles sometime this Spring, which is likely to coincide with the anticipated movie's release date of May 2. Oddly enough, given how many villains are teased in the trailers, it's surprising to see this trailer focus on one that hasn't been given much fanfare.