Every secret ability players can equip in Titanfall are all here in one convenient, spoilerific list.

Courtesy of MP1ST, a leaked list of every Pilot and Titan ability in Titanfall has been uncovered. Judging on some of the descriptions of these abilities, we have a feeling that the multiplayer gameplay of Titanfall will be quite interesting.

Some of these abilities are expected, such as dashing further, extended radar range, faster shield regeneration and increased melee damage. On the other hand, other abilities seem like they will be able to turn the tides of war, such as the Nuclear Ejection ability, which detonates your Titan's nuclear core when you eject. Another interesting ability would be the Warpfall Transmitter, which instantly drops your Titan wherever you signal for it to be placed (you can hilariously kill people this way or drop your Titan atop an enemy's). You can learn more about the other abilities over on MP1ST.

Be ready to Warpfall a Titan on March 11 when Titanfall is released for Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.