We wouldn't recommend watching this official Gamescom CGI trailer for Alien: Isolation in a dark room.

Called "Improvise," the trailer shows Amanda Ripley scavenging aboard the derelict spaceship, finding a toy robot and placing in her pack just in time for the big bad alien to show up. Using quick thinking and her best improv skills (Drew Carey would be proud), Amanda sets off a steam valve which buys her some time to escape and repair her Xenomorph tracking device. Unfortunately, by the time it's up and running again, the tracker lets her know that the alien is right above her, and the trailer abruptly ends.

This is but a small window into the horrifying world of Alien: Isolation, one that we're more than excited for. This is the type of game the Alien franchise deserves, a game withonealien that hunts us down mercilessly, forcing us to use cunning and stealth to advance instead of blindly shooting at every Xenomorph we see. This game looks better and better with every trailer, and we hope it can restore the good name of Alien to the video game world.

Alien: Isolation launches Oct. 7 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.