Get ready to return to the cramped, alien-haunted corridors of the Sevastopol— Alien: Isolation's Lost Contact DLC is here.

During Lost Contact, players control Axel, the sarcastic survivor Amanda encounters when she first arrives at the doomed space station. Lost Contact mixes up Alien: Isolation's gameplay a bit; according to developers The Creative Assembly, Lost Contact tasks players with completing ten increasingly difficult objectives while trying to get Axel to safety. With each completed challenge comes a batch of points (for leaderboard bragging rights), and new items.

The twist is that, should you fail, you'll be taken back to the start of your last saved challenge, but at the detriment of your final score. Smart players will need to use everything they've got to move soft and quick as shadows through Lost Contact, battling it out for the top place on the leaderboards— as long as no jerk hackers ruin everyone's fun with phony times.

While this new DLC does sound like it'll give hungry Alien: Isolation fans something new to do, it doesn't sound that drastically different from the main game, so anyone hoping for something with a little more variety to it may have to just keep hoping.

Alien: Isolation Lost Contact arrives today on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. If you have the season pass, the content won't cost you any extra. On its own, Lost Contact will set you back $7.99 on all platforms.