You'll be getting some new difficulty modes in Alien: Isolation, because in space, no one can hear you scream in complete frustration.

The Nightmare and Novice modes have been added to the game in response to player requests. Some of you are sadists and want more punishment, so Nightmare mode will give you a challenge. One of the highlights of this mode is a motion tracker with a damaged display which also gives you undependable information. Fun! In addition to the device that may or may not lead you to your doom, there are limited resources, no maps and more aggressive NPCs. Enjoy your personal hell, folks.

For those who want a more relaxed experience, Novice mode will allow you to breathe and explore. You'll have more resources and ammunition, with NPCs acting more like care bears and the Xenomorph becoming more easily distracted. Take the time to take in Sevastopol's sights!

The update is free and is live right now, so go download it and try your hand at the new difficulties! Creative Assembly has promised even more cool stuff (like Isolation-themed phone tones) all through December, so be sure to stay tuned for further updates.