Hidden Path Entertainment and Microsoft's HD re-release of the classic RTS, Age of Empires 2, is getting an expansion.

18 months ago, Age of Empires II's HD re-release received an expansion, The Forgotten, marking what may be the longest gap between a game's launch and expansion pack. Now, Microsoft Studios has announced they're following up with another expansion pack. Microsoft detailed a bit about the expansion pack, as well as the future of the game, in a blog post. With Age of Empires II HD, Microsoft and Hidden Path Entertainment have been dedicated to mods from the very beginning, and they're increasing ease of mod use with an update allowing players to manage mods in-game; it's a logical move, since the easiest way to provide a ton of content for a dedicated fan base is to allow them to make it themselves. They're also performing various multiplayer updates to increase the potential pool of opponents, making it easier to jump into a match and wololo* your way to victory.

While the team at Microsoft was very forthcoming about the ins-and-outs of updating this 15-year-old game, they were somewhat tight-lipped about what we can expect from the expansion pack, not even telling us what it's called. We do know there will be a new camel rider unit, additional other units, campaign levels, civilizations, and game modes, but we'll have to be patient to find out exactly what all that entails.

Age of Empires II HD is out now for PC, as is its last expansion, The Forgotten.

*I know, the priest only says "Wololo" in the first Age of Empires, but just go with me, okay?