The Old West returns to the futuristic settings of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in the form of some free DLC.

Sledgehammer Games has just released new DLC for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, which includes the M1 Irons revolver. Wyatt Earp would've been proud to see this peacemaker-style hand cannon in a futuristic setting. The M1 might be a single-action revolver, meaning you've got to cock the gun's hammer back for each shot, but it's so powerful that it's worth it. Sure, you might ask yourself what good does an ancient revolver do against state of the art machine guns and assault rifles, but once you see it action, you'll know that M1 Irons is a sidearm to be reckoned with. There are a variety of weapon variants for the pistol as well, which gives it a modern makeover while still maintaining the badassery of the gun.

This DLC also includes the new SAC3 sub-machine gun and Royalty Elite variants. Your version of Advanced Warfare should automatically update with these new additions for free, and you can unlock them via supply drops (you don't need to unlock the M1 Irons). Unfortunately, the SAC3 and Royalty Elite variants are only available for Xbox systems for now, but they'll be hitting other platforms soon. This shouldn't be a surprise, as Activision and Xbox have worked out some kind of exclusivity deal that gives Xbox access to Advanced Warfare's downloadable content packs first.

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