With Marvel showing how in-house movie studios are supposed to work and Ubisoft planning to debut a studio of its own, it seems Activision wants to get in the silver screen action.

Engadget reports that Activision may be planning to unveil its own in-house movie studio to create feature films based on its many video game franchises, citing The Information for the news. The studio would try and follow the Marvel formula, where it would "produce its own movies and TV shows rather than simply license its titles to outside partners," according to The Information. It seems ol' Bobby Kotick liked his taste of the big screen after his cameo in 'Moneyball', hm?

We can't say we disagree with this approach, as Activision has a few names under its umbrella that could really bring some box office. Call of Duty is a no-brainer, but could you imagine the throngs of children who would go to see a Skylanders feature film? Remember when the Pokemon movies gave out usable trading cards? What if the Skylanders film distributed exclusive figures? Those lines would be piling into the streets of every major city in the U.S. This makes perfect sense, and we feel like we should be ordering our tickets to 'Skylanders: The Movie' right now.