This year's Game Developers Conference will be host to many panels on next generation technology, and Activision won't be left out of that loop.

Set to go down in late March, the 2013 GDC promises to be an extensive showcase of upcoming technologies that will define gaming for the next few years. Case in point, one of the newest panels announced, the "Photorealistic Eyes Rendering and Deformation" panel hosted by Activision Bilzzard's Jorge Jimenez.

The sixty-minute talk will focus primarily on the publisher's efforts to create photorealistic characters, and will show off realistic eye shading, physically based rendering, depth of field, and more, and will even, "show high-quality next-generation shading driven with a plausible game rig." Jimenez is an avid real-time graphic researcher, who hosts a blog detailing the latest and greatest advances, including some of the techniques that will be shown at GDC.

If the next generation truly is capable of producing graphics like those in the image above, we can't wait to see what else is shown off during GDC.