Following the continued success of the Skylanders franchise, Activision appears to be ready to expand the line with four new titles.

According to Fusible, Activision recently registered a handful of new domains including the Skylanders brand. Among those websites are Skylanders: Kaos Alliance, Skylanders: Nano Force, Skylanders: Super Force, and Skylanders: Swap Force. Each of the dot coms registered last week could be a potential new add-on for the incredibly popular collectible toy/video game mash-up.

With rival game Disney Infinity set to launch later this summer, Activision may be prepping a full onslaught of titles to better battle the House of Mouse at retail. Based on past history, Fusible expects Activision to announce at least one of the four titles formally in the coming weeks. Hopefully Activision doesn't burn out this top-selling franchise as fast as it did Guitar Hero, as the revenue stream created by Skylanders has only recently crossed the $500 million threshold with no signs of stopping.