After reaching 9.5 million registered players and one of the most successful video game franchise launches of all time, Activision announced the obvious: Bungie is already working on a sequel to Destiny.

CVG reports that Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg said during the company's earnings call this week that Bungie is already working on the "next full game release" in the Destiny franchise. Despite its shortcomings, Destiny did extremely well from a financial point of view, having sold $325 million worth to gamers within the first five days of its launch. According to CVG, Activision also announced that Destiny's base of registered players has now topped 9.5 million -- that's the population of a small country.

"For the third quarter, Activision Publishing's Destiny was the largest new franchise launch in videogame history and ranks among the top 10 largest videogame launches of all time in the US," an Activision spokesperson said. "Our active players are playing the game an average of more than three hours per day."

While we knew this was bound to happen, we feel kind of let down. It's a shame Bungie is already working on a sequel when there are still plenty of things to fix and address within Destiny. You would hope that Bungie would actually add some communication options and the Grimoire Card system in-game before moving on to Destiny 2.