We have just found out about latest project coming from the house that made Rock Band and Dance Central.

A recent Twitter posting by Supererogatory has clued us in to Harmonix's mobile game that is being developed alongside its music-based, first-person shooter, Chroma. Unfortunately, Harmonix has not officially stepped forward to confirm the title's development. Given that Harmonix is based primarily out of Boston, we can assume that we will see some sort of unveiling of its newest project, Record Run, at PAX East this weekend, especially when factoring in Harmonix has had strong showings at the convention every year.

Supererogatory's post links to Record Run's official Facebook page, which could use a little bit of work, along with Harmonix's trademarking of the new IP, Record Run. While most of Harmonix's spotlight is focused on its upcoming titles, Chroma and Fantastia: Music Evolved, we can't wait to see what Record Run could possibly be and how it will involve Harmonix's signature, music-based gameplay on mobile formats.