The bird-haired Phoenix Wright won't star in the next Ace Attorney game, but we'll get to see his ancestor in the Meiji Era!

An article on Tiny Cartridge points out new scans that show the new Ace Attorney game's protagonist, Naruhodou Ryuunoske. In Japanese, Phoenix Wright is known as Naruhodou Ryuichi, so it stands to reason that this new character would share his last name. Tweets from LiteAgent and have clued us into the scans and the full Japanese title for the game:

The scan from Famitsu informs readers that the game will take place during Japan's Meiji Era, which was from 1868-1912. We're wondering about the sword that Ryuunosuke is carrying, but we suppose answers will be provided once word of a localized version comes out (hopefully). We'll keep you up to date on this next chapter in the Ace Attorney series as more information is made available. Check out the scans in the meantime and marvel at how bad-ass Ryuunosuke looks without bird hair.