Drastic, transformative changes are a hallmark of Final Fantasy games, starting with the very first one that saw all of the Warriors of Light changing into bigger, more powerful versions of themselves. A standout character from Final Fantasy IV, Rydia of Mist has one of the most memorable transformations in the whole franchise. Just when things look their bleakest, as the party lies beaten at the feet of the villainous Golbez, Rydia makes a triumphant return and saves everyone. Not only was that a surprise, but Rydia was also completely transformed, having grown up from the little girl she was at the start of the game. Rydia's story arc, from witnessing the destruction of her village and family as a little girl, to becoming a full grown hero, is one of the most satisfying in the game. Plus, she's a girl who can summon and control gigantic monsters. How can you not love that? When it comes to sheer popularity, Rydia is way up there and with good reason.

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