The gaming habits of over 34 million Americans are going to shock you.

Game Informer reports that a recent study done by the NPD group on nearly 8,000 Americans had some alarming results. This sample, of ages nine and above, provided the NPD group with enough data to make a shocking conclusion. The NPD group quantified that over 34 million people in the United States game for roughly 22 hours per week, which translates to over 13 percent of the entire week. To put this into perspective, working a 40 hour work week takes up almost 24 percent.

This data was taken between March 10-28 and included PC, console and mobile game players. Many traditional genres were observed by this study, including adventure, action, MMOs, racing, RPG, shooter, sports and fighting games. The most time logged by gamers were mainly done by console and PC players, but two-thirds of the entire gaming population sampled also played games on their mobile devices. NPD reports that about 74 percent of the surveyed people preferred owning physical gaming media over digital, which was at 79 percent with last year's study. This can be attributed to the popularity of digital game providers like Steam and the digital offerings of newer consoles. Also, 70 percent of all people surveyed play multiplayer games either occasionally or regularly.

Now if you'll excuse us, we have a controller in dire need of our attention.