Thanks to great PlayStation 4 sales, Sony's game division has cut a profit. Hooray for money!

According to Eurogamer, Sony has shipped 3.3 million PlayStation 4 units from July to Sept. 2014. These sales helped boost its gaming division's revenue by 84 percent. With regard to the PlayStation 3, 800,000 units were sold during the same period, though only a combined total of 700,000 PlayStation Vitas, PSPs and PlayStation TVs were sold.

Although the Game and Network Services division profited this year by making 309.5 billion yen, Sony overall has made a loss of 136 billion yen and will end the year with an expected loss of 230 billion yen.

While the handheld and portable sales are down, it's good to know that the company is still profiting from relatively strong sales of the PlayStation 4. We'll have to see how the numbers change for good or worse once the 2014 holiday shopping season is over.