Though the charity auction for the 20th Anniversary Edition PlayStation 4 may have fallen through, Sony came up big and donated the money anyway.

Sony made an awesome 20th Anniversary Edition PlayStation 4 and then put up the most awesome of those -- the first one made -- for auction in an attempt to raise money for charity. While the console definitely reach a closing bid of $128,000 no less, Kotaku is reporting that the deal with the winning bidder fell through. While it's a little surprising that Sony didn't decide to just go on to the next bidder (since there were many people seemingly willing to pay that amount for the console), it's not surprising that it decided to contribute the money anyway. So, along with its 15 million yen donation that it had promised, Sony is now also shelling out the $129,000 it would have gotten from the highest bidder. Now, instead of going into some very rich person's collection, the console will find its forever home on a display at the Sony Showroom in Tokyo.

For those who have somehow forgotten, the 20th Anniversary Edition PlayStation 4 was super limited edition. There were only 12,300 of the console ever made and they sold out within an hour of Sony posting the listing for them. Since then, there have been bidding wars on eBay for the special edition console.

It's a shame the bid fell through, but it's not at all an uncommon event in the world of second-market video game collectibles. At least Sony made good on the charity aspect.