Before Xzibit gets here and starts saying, "Yo dawg," let's check out this video of a Game Boy emulator running in the Oculus Rift.

YouTuber Shane O'Brien has uploaded footage of a Game Boy emulator being run in an Oculus Rift project. Yes, you can now use a gaming system to play another gaming system.

According to O'Brien, the emulator works quite well except for some audio-syncing issues as well as a few graphics that don't appear, such as the "Freak" in the Game Freak logo when loading up a Pokemon game.

As you can see from the video, O'Brien is testing out the emulator with the classic game, Tetris. The framerate on the Game Boy seems to be pretty smooth and it looks like it works as intended, with the only problem being the audio sync issue. Still, it's pretty cool to see another game system work inside the Oculus Rift and we can't wait to see what other consoles we can play in a virtual world. Because why not.