The announcement of Mii Fighters in the next Super Smash Bros. games came with the ability to customize those fighters however we wish. Those customization options just got a huge boost with today's Smash update on Miiverse: Nintendo-themed items can be worn by your favorite Miis.

The screenshot above shows two Mii Fighters wearing some of the new garb: a Mii Swordsman with a Meta Knight helmet and a Mii Gunner with Samus' helmet. The Miiverse post with the screenshot says the following:

"Pic of the day. 'Hello! I'm Samus, the intergalactic bounty hunter!' 'And I am Meta Knight, joining the battle!!'"

We can only imagine the types of Nintendo-themed items that our Miis will be able to wear, but we hope there's more items for characters that aren't already playable than those who are. The Samus helmet is cool, but I can be Samus OR Zero Suit if I wanted to.

Meta-Knight hasn't been announced yet however, and that Miiverse post might be some light trolling on Sakurai's part. The choice of phrase "joining the battle" is particularly interesting, since that's what he says about characters revealed to be playable. With Gamescom this week, could Meta Knight be revealed to return as a playable character? We'll have to wait and see.

Super Smash Bros. launches Oct. 3 for the Nintendo 3DS and this holiday season for the Wii U.