Everyone's favorite sneaker-wearing dinosaur is back in a new trailer for Yoshi's New Island called "It's a Shell of a Time." And, true to its name, there are shells aplenty.

The trailer is nearly two-minutes long and features a lot of the same gameplay you've come to expect from a Yoshi's Island game. While it's great to see consistency in the series, and it's certainly a welcome sight to see similar environments as previous games, a lot of the new mechanics and enemies are shown at play as well.

First we see Yoshi swallow up a giant Shy Guy, which results in a rather large egg. We're still not quite sure how Yoshis can telekinetically force eggs to trail behind them, but an egg as large as this one has to take a lot of power to heft. Throwing such an egg can cause massive destruction to anything its path, so we're looking forward to seeing what kinds of applications it will have.

Then we see Yoshi become a mine cart and travel along some tracks. Seems pretty tame until Yoshi turns into a helicopter and hovers around different areas. It seems as if his flight and trajectory are controlled by the gyro sensor, so you'll have to tilt your device around to navigate.

Watch the trailer above to see even more new bits of gameplay from Yoshi's New Island. Await its release on 3DS on March 14, 2014.