Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb takes us through a tour of the Xbox One's new features that were added in this week's system update.

Major Nelson has posted on the Xbox Wire that this month's big update for the Xbox One has gone live. The October update for the Xbox One includes new controls for the Snap Center. This offers faster, more intuitive controls when having an App Snapped on the side. You can finally use the controller (and not voice commands) to record footage, snap an app, unsnap, go to a previously snapped app or return to your game. The Xbox Achievement system now offers the option for you to add a caption for your new Achievements. You can see which of your friends unlocked the same Achievement as well as sort your Friends List according to Gamerscore, which is like a private Leaderboard ranking. The .MKV video format is now supported by the Xbox One's media player. You can also set your Xbox to automatically go to TV whenever you turn it on. We must note that being able to respond to messages in Snap Mode is a great function.

Your Xbox One should automatically update itself once you turn it on and it establishes an online connection.