We're literally weeks away from the start of the next generation, and Microsoft's latest video wants to invite you to the debut of the Xbox One.

A few big titles are shown off in the video, including Respawn's Titanfall and EA's FIFA 14. Exclusives like Dead Rising 3 and Forza Motorsport 5 also make a showing, as do some of the Xbox One's entertainment features.

There's a bit of star-power bolstering the trailer, with Zachary Quinto in full Spock regalia, and Liverpool's Steven Gerrard calls out one fan to come take a free kick in the middle of a match. The real focus though is on what the Xbox One can do, and though the footage is tailored around showing off features like video chat and snapping running optimally, we'll try not to get too excited until we see our Xbox Ones doing the exact same things.

The Xbox One will be out on Nov. 25.