It's time to start saving up for a new external hard drive, as the Xbox One could be getting a new TV DVR feature by the end of the year.

Media tech blogger Paul Thurrott claims that the Xbox One will be gaining the ability to record live TV for rewatching later on, Polygon reports. While Thurrott didn't list any noteworthy sources, this info does come on the heels of Microsoft announcing that Windows Media Center will not be coming to Windows 10. For those unfamiliar with the application, Windows Media Center could be used to take media on a PC and stream it onto a television screen. Also being buried with the soon-to-be-defunct Windows Media Center is the ability to record TV programs on a PC, which is likely where the Xbox One will come in to replace it.

"Of course, many Media Center fans actually use the product to record and watch TV shows via Media Center PCs in the living room. Microsoft’s solution for this need will apparently be the Xbox One, though the console currently only provides live TV watching, but not recording," Thurrott said. "My sources tell me that will change, and most probably this year, to include TV recording."

Since the Xbox One has the capabilities to digitally record videos of your live gameplay, having it record and playback television shows would be a logical next step. Unfortunately, nothing is confirmed and since Thurrott didn't list any credible sources, please take this information with grain of salt.