A significant, temporary price drop on the Xbox One Titanfall Edition seeks to help Microsoft close the gap in the next-gen console war.

The official Microsoft Store shows a special, decreased price of the Xbox One Titanfall Edition that only shows upon checkout. This bundle was originally priced at $499.99, which is the standard cost of an Xbox One without having any games packaged in it whatsoever. This means that the original price of the bundle itself already includes a $60 dollar price drop.

As of right now, the current pricing of the bundled Xbox One is $449.99. Factor in the standard Xbox One console cost of $499.99 and the cost of Titanfall by itself, $59.99, and this current price means this would be one of the most opportune moments for someone to buy an Xbox One along with its big exclusive that sets it apart from Sony. Multiple other bundles are also getting some nice discounts on the Microsoft Store, but the Titanfall bundle is the most basic one available.

This price drop has been occurring at major retail stores everywhere, such as Walmart and Target, and is not just exclusive to the Microsoft Store. On the other hand, certain retailers were also including incentives, such as gift cards, for those who purchased the system in their stores. The decreased price is most likely to help Microsoft close the gap between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sales while Sony's hit console is still very hard to find with its rarity expecting to last until this summer.

Nevertheless, we would like to remind our readers that this price drop is temporary and can be changed at anytime. But wouldn't it be great if it became permanent?