After an abysmal launch in Japan we had a sinking feeling that Xbox One wouldn't perform well in China either, despite being the first video game console sold in the country in 14 years. It looks like our fears were unfounded, however, as the console has shot out to an impressive start in the middle kingdom.

Kotaku reports that in speaking to Chinese video game site 17173, Shanghai Media Group vice president Zhang Dazhong spilled the beans on the Xbox One's debut: the Chinese purchased over 100,000 consoles in Week One, and that number includes consoles that were purchased as pre-orders before the launch. 17173 also reports that Shanghai Media Group, the parent company of Microsoft's China partner BesTV, wants to move over 1 million Chinese Xbox consoles by October 2015, and if things stay the way they are now it just might happen.

We're glad that one country in Asia has jumped on the chance to support the Xbox One, and we're hoping that other countries may follow China's lead and give Xbox One a shot. We knew Japan would be a tough sell with Nintendo and Sony's influence, but China was a wide open market and Microsoft has made a great first impression. Let's see what happens in the future.