The Xbox One continues to bottom out in the Japanese market as it's being outsold by the New Nintendo 3DS, PS4, PS Vita and even the PlayStation TV.

Kotaku reports that Microsoft is doing even worse in the Japanese market than we were expecting. Let's just say that the Big M needs to rethink its marketing strategy in Japan, or consider pulling the console from the country completely. To put things into perspective, Microsoft only sold an even hundred Xbox One consoles from June 8 to June 14 (courtesy of Media Create), while the New Nintendo 3DS LL (known as the New Nintendo 3DS XL in the West) sold over 19,620 units. The Vita TV (also known as the PlayStation TV microconsole) sold 566 units during the same time frame. Sony sold 2,633 last-gen PlayStation 3 consoles that week.

Here's what console sales looked like in Japan from June 8-14:

4 Gamer / Kotaku

Here's the harshest stat: the Xbox One only accounted for 0.1 percent of all console sales during the week of June 8-14. Unfortunately, Xbox 360 sales were not included in Media Create's reports, but we have a feeling they were even lower than the Xbox One's (if the numbers were viable they would have likely included it). Before you start thinking, "but Japan is a smaller, less-populated country," we should note that they have a population of 120 million compared to the United States' 318 million — that means there are a lot of gamers on both sides of the Pacific.

Mind you, the PS4 has topped the Xbox One in the sales charts for the most part since both consoles launched in late 2013. As much as we want the Xbox One to succeed (coming from someone who loves the console), Microsoft may need to pull out of Japan completely and just focus on the rest of Asia and the Western markets. When you're selling only 100 Xbox Ones a week, you have to start factoring in whether or not it's worth the price of shipping and localizing them for Japan in the first place.