It's no surprise to most people that when an item goes on a discount, it will produce more sales than an item that's full price. This rule is no different for the Xbox One that was recently put on a "limited time offer of $50 off any Xbox One".

It comes as no surprise to anyone who has been keeping up with console sales that the Xbox One is severely trailing behind the PlayStation 4. However, since Microsoft released multiple console bundles and cut the price across the board by $50, the Xbox One has been making up tremendous ground on the competition.

Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President of Devices and Studios, explained to Xbox Wire that since Nov. 2, the Xbox One has led U.S. sales of the eighth generation consoles for the last two weeks. Additionally, Xbox One sales in the U.S. have tripled since the end of October. "Shortly, we will have sold in to retailers more than 10 million Xbox One consoles," Mehdi added.

Now, sold to retailers isn't the same as sold to customers, but it's clear the price cut has been a boon for Xbox One sales. It also doesn't hurt that the Halo: The Master Chief Collection debuted recently. With such an iconic game collection only out for the Xbox One and the recent price cut, it's no surprise that sales have risen.