The Xbox One Media Remote will allow you to assume direct control of the television and entertainment aspects of your Xbox One.

Xbox Wire has officially unveiled the Xbox One Media Remote. This confirms a previous story we covered where the Xbox One Media Remote was leaked onto Amazon Canada but was immediately taken down. This remote is meant for Blu-ray playback, streaming video and TV channel navigation.

The Xbox One Media Remote can also change the volume of your TV and turn it on or off through the signals of the Kinect. Even better, the remote has a motion sensor, which causes its buttons to illuminate whenever the remote is moved around. It's odd that Microsoft's answer to the all-in-one media center options of the Xbox One is yet another remote to add to the countless number you already have. That said, there has been a remote control for every Xbox console to date, so it was just a matter of time we suppose.

The Xbox One is due to hit store shelves in early March and will be priced at $24.99.