Want to beef up the Xbox One's already-hefty 500GB hard drive and use some external memory at launch? Well, you might not be able to do so until much later.

An article on CVG points out that the Xbox One probably won't accept external storage at launch, citing a quote from Major Nelson's most recent podcast. In the podcast, Larry Hyrb said, "The Xbox One will ship with a 500GB hard drive, all of them have that. The future plan is definitely to support external storage, much like we do on the Xbox 360. My understanding is that feature will not be there at launch because the team's working on some other things, but it's definitely on the list, I don't know when it'll come in though."

The console's release has already been delayed until 2014 in a few countries in Europe, but is still on track to be released in North America in 2013. Perhaps by then, Microsoft will have a timetable for when external storage will be supported on the console.

Let us know what you think about the fact that you won't be able to upgrade your storage at launch and look out for the Xbox One later this year.