Microsoft has announced its Xbox One Elite console, which features a 1TB Solid State Hybrid Drive and an Elite Controller.

The Xbox Wire unveiled the Xbox One Elite Bundle. This optimum version of Microsoft's current-gen console includes a 1TB Solid State Hybrid Drive, which puts your frequently-accessed files on a solid state partition and streamlines your hardware so you can load games 20 percent faster from energy-saving mode. On top of this state-of-the-badass-art SSHD, you also get the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, which is totally customizable and has a variety of toggles and paddles to make things go your way. Combined with the Xbox Accessories app, Hair Trigger Locks and its overall high-performance build, this controller is intended for pro gamers.

Xbox also unveiled its Xbox One Special Edition Lunar White Wireless Controller. While there aren't as many bells and whistles as the Elite Controller, the Lunar White Wireless Controller features a gold and white color scheme that would make Seth Rollins and the New Day proud.


The Xbox One Elite Bundle will launch this November for $499. Unfortunately, it will only be available at GameStop and Microsoft Stores during its first month, which sucks. As expected, the tug-o-war between retailers has expanded to not only in-game content, but consoles themselves. The Lunar White Wireless Controller appears to be a GameStop exclusive as well, which will be hitting their store shelves in September for $64.99. Unfortunately, there's no word whether or not the Lunar White controller will be hitting other retailers afterwards.

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