Xbox One owners will be able to stretch their creative brains pretty soon, as the upcoming November update for Xbox One will bring a slew of customization options, including the return of console themes.

The Xbox Wire has all of the details, including a video walkthrough of the new updates (see above). The blog lists sixteen bullet points of new Xbox One features separated across four categories: "Show Who You Are," new Live TV features and Twitter integration, Smartglass updates and Store improvements, and Internet Explorer updates.

The "Show Who You Are" features focus on customization and personalization of the console. New Xbox One backgrounds will let players customize the home menu screen with new colors, backgrounds, and more however they see fit. Gamer Profiles can now be updated with locations and a brief bio, while showcase items now let players view game clips and achievements designated by whoever owns the bio.

Live TV is getting a major upgrade focusing on what's trending on Xbox consoles at that particular moment. Those watching TV through the Xbox can see what other people are watching through a new list of the most watched shows as well as Twitter trends on shows generating a lot of conversation. The MiniGuide will allow people to see Tweets instantly, then add to the conversation using whatever hashtag is available.

The Xbox Store is becoming easier to peruse, with clearer navigation buttons on the far left side of the screen and new store specific searches. SmartGlass is also getting a store improvement, making it easier to find apps, but the service is now gaining the ability to search for and start Games with Gold promotional downloads from a smartphone or tablet. Finally, Internet Explorer is finally joining the ranks of snap-able apps, allowing players to look up an FAQ for a game they may be stuck on or check and see when a game they're playing a demo for is actually launching.

There's a lot of updates coming in November, but those in the Preview program can check some of these new features out right now. If you do, let the world know how you like them. We're intrigued.