Xbox 360 owners looking to run on walls and drop in gigantic mechs in Titanfall will have to wait a little longer.

An update was posted to the Titanfall website giving us a brief rundown on how the game's been faring since its debut on March 11. There have been many pilots parkouring, jumping around and rampaging in Titans since then, but only on PC and the Xbox One. What about the Xbox 360 fans, who had to wait until March 25 to get their chance to standby for Titanfall?

Sadly, it looks like they'll have to keep standing by for a little while longer. Bluepoint Games, the developer working on the Xbox 360 version, has been given more time to fine-tune Titanfall. We can now expect it to drop on April 8 in North America and April 11 in Europe. The extra time is to ensure that an epic experience is delivered to the Xbox 360, at the cost of a little bit more waiting. We still haven't seen a lick of footage or images from the Xbox 360 version, so this delay only serves to throw more shade on potential issues from this non-Respawn version.