Worst Controllers

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    The Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controller

    Resident Evil 4

    The Resident Evil 4 chainsaw death scene was so iconic they made a controller out of it. Unfortunately, the controller was total garbage. It was impossible to hold comfortably, was weighted horrendously, and you couldn’t even use it as a chainsaw in the game! You just aimed and fired guns like any other controller. All this was, was an expensive Gamecube controller with blood stains on it that was impossible to use. Why even bother unless you are the type of guy that gets off on gore?

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    Tony Hawk's Ride Board

    Tony Hawk's Ride

    This "controller" did a lot more than suck. It failed to detect your movements and caused your skater to do all sorts of weird random things totally unrelated to what you were really doing. It cost an arm and a leg and broke if you ate more than two cookies before stepping on it. Perhaps its biggest fault was killing one of the longest running and most awesome skateboard franchises we have ever seen. That level of sheer awfulness is truly impressive.

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    The Jaguar Controller

    Atari Jaguar

    Let’s count the ways the Jaguar controller is horrible. It’s as big as the Xbox Fat controller. Its buttons are arranged in a backward slant making them hard to get to and awkward to use. Its pause and option buttons are totally unreachable. And … aaargh! What’s with all the number pads!?! It’s like someone took every bad design idea and put it in one console controller. This is about as bad as you can get without being a peripheral.

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    The Roll 'n Rocker

    Nintendo Entertainment System

    The Roll 'n Rocker may have been one of videogame’s first tilt sensors, but it was horrible. Forget the Wii Balance board, if you didn’t have balance when using the Roll 'n Rocker, you wouldn’t just be unable to play the game, you would fall off and break an arm. Who thought that balancing on top of a flimsy piece of plastic situated atop an even flimsier plastic ball was safe? Or a good idea for playing Battletoads?

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    The U Force

    Nintendo Entertainment System

    By far, the worst game controller most gamers have ever had the displeasure of fooling around with was the U Force. Once again, this was one of gamings early forays into the world of motion control. To control this monstrosity of controller crap, you would wave your hands over the sensor area to make things happen. No really, that’s about it. Neither game nor controller manuals told you how to make this controller actually work. You simply waved your hands around and hoped to figure out something. Many young gamers would attach this to their NES, play with it once, and then let it gather dust in their closet because it never worked. It wasn’t like Roll 'n Rocker, which was unwieldy but had some logic to it. It wasn’t like the Xbox Fat Controller which was just uncomfortable to hold. It was literally a box that told you to wave your hands and figure it out yourself. Fun times. Congrats U Force! You managed to suck so much you made it to the top of our 25 Worst Video Game Controllers list.