Despite being embroiled in rumors about Beyond Good and Evil 2 and his involvement with Ubisoft, Rayman creator Michel Ancel has found time to start his own indie studio, called Wild Sheep Studios. Its first game, called Wild, was debuted at the Sony Gamescom 2014 presentation, and it looks to bring us closer to nature.

The core concept of the game isn't quite clear, but what we do know is quite impressive: the game's world is the size of Europe, with dynamic weather patterns and climates based on where in the world the player is. Humans are initially playable, but control can be turned over to every living creature in the game, even giant and powerful beasts. The potential for gameplay moments is endless, and there will always be something to experience when booting up Wild.

Michael Ancel himself took to the PlayStation Blog to describe his game, saying that "all these features combined, open so many new gameplay situations, especially when playing online. How you approach the game is up to you, what you do and even what you are – it’s all up to you."

Wild has no known release date yet, as Ancel himself says that "it’s early days still," but we'll have more on it and everything else announced at Gamescom 2014 as it develops.