Nintendo's Satoru Iwata took some time during Wednesday's Nintendo Direct to discuss some of the new features coming to the Wii U with next week's system update.

The biggest fix coming will be faster loading times, which we already knew as Nintendo has been promising better speeds since the beginning of the year. However, there are a few new additions coming to the Wii U that Nintendo wasn't as forthcoming about previously.

First, console owners will be able to transfer files from one external hard drive to another. A boon for those of you who are fans of digital content. The update will also allow for software to be downloaded while you play other games. No longer will you have to sit and watch a progress bar while you wait. Individual software updates will also now download automatically, instead of waiting for you to start a game first.

Holding down the B-button on the GamePad as the system turns on will now automatically jump right to the Wii menu for some backwards compatible play. A new stand-by function will let you continue to download software even if you have to leave and turn your system off. The Wii U Virtual Console will debut next week as well, which will let you play a number of games on the GamePad if the TV is unavailable.

Panorama View is a curious new feature coming, which allows you to watch video tours of famous locales around the world through your GamePad. Each video will cost $2. A demo will be made available for free as well, but it's a very strange app to include on the system.

Regardless, there are plenty of things to be happy about as a Wii U owner as far as this update is concerned. The second system update due later this year should also bear some interesting fruit.