A majority of Super Smash Bros. players are scrambling to find a Wii U GameCube adapter, but Nintendo just hasn't made enough. Even worse, they may have stopped making them completely.

Last month, there was a Wii U GameCube adapter that was released by Nintendo and fans were thrilled. Destructoid reports that, while we all knew that it would have a limited release, we never would have expected that "it would be this tough to find at launch". There was a very limited quantity of the adapter to begin with in most stores, but most people were putting their faith in Amazon.

Most initial Amazon buyers, when going to order the adapter for their GameCube controllers, were met with a hopeful "delayed shipment" notification. While the adapter wouldn't be shipped to their doorstep in Amazon's usual two days, they were hopeful that it would get there at some point.

Now, these orders are being cancelled in the UK and the US because Amazon's "supplier has informed [it] that this item is no longer available." It seems that the only way to own one of these illusive adapters is to buy the ones that third-party sellers are pushing for inflated price of $100+.

Unless Nintendo decides to produce some more of these adapters or start selling them on its website, you're going to have to play your new Super Smash Bros. game without your GameCube controllers, which is a shame. You would think that Nintendo would realize most people prefer using a GameCube controller to play Super Smash Bros. over the WiiMote, 3DS and GamePad and would have tried to make bank off of these adapters.