Months ahead of the console's anticipated release, Microsoft has seen fit to give us an unboxing of the Xbox One Day One Edition, and there are a few surprises in store.

Major Nelson walks us through the insides of the big black box, and introduces us to each item one-by-one. Though we knew many of the details previously, getting a visual checklist of what's included with the system is much appreciated.

There's the Kinect, with 1080p HD sensor and improved tracking, and there's the standard Xbox One controller, with its 40 design improvements like haptic feedback and a better d-pad. The console itself is a massive piece of machinery, whose size was only made real by how large it was compared to a physical human holding it. The biggest surprise, though, is the inclusion of the Xbox One headset, which previously was going to be sold separately. All Xbox One consoles will ship with the headset.

You'll also get a 4K-rated HDMI cable, some Day One codes for cheevos, and the power cord and brick. Unfortunately, you'll still have to buy your own rechargeable batteries or Play and Charge kit, but at least Microsoft reversed its plan on the headset, right?

Check out the video above, and let us know what you think of the Xbox One Day One edition.