When Microsoft first unveiled the Xbox One earlier this year, a lot of time was spent showing off just how the new console would allow you to enjoy your favorite sports in a brand-new way. The hallmark of the deal was an exclusive deal with the NFL, and on Tuesday, Microsoft gave us glimpse into what that means for watching games this fall.

The NFL of Xbox One app is the key component, and as detailed by Xbox Wire, you'll be able enjoy a range of coverage straight from the console like never before. Content will be provided by NFL.com, NFL Network and NFL Red Zone, and you'll be able to view a host of videos from your favorite teams and more. The app will also track fantasy stats for your NFL.com fantasy team, but even if you don't have one through that site, you can still manually add in players to track.

Statistical details show up on a side bar, while video content plays on a slightly smaller screen. This goes for gaming, too, as you'll be able to keep a scroll open for game updates and scores while plugging away in Call of Duty: Ghosts or Forza Motorsport 5. The NFL on Xbox One app is also compatible with Snap, meaning you'll be able to jump in and out of watching and playing anytime.

ESPN will also have a new app on Xbox One, which will elaborate on the current Xbox 360 app. There will be more coverage and Snap support, and you can also track your favorite teams and leagues in scrolls, too.

There will also be a fantasy football app on the Xbox 360 this year, which is tied to NFL.com's leagues. The app will feature fantasy football highlights, fantasy analysis, stats, scores and standings for your teams and leagues, but it won't be nearly as robust as the offering on Xbox One.