New raceway names and shuffling around the music are just some of the RAM-hacking ways to make Mario Kart 8 even more fun.

YouTube user MrBean35000vr has posted a video depicting what Mario Kart 8 looks like in the early stages of being hacked. These hacks are based on a browser exploit that lets you modify the memory and settings of Mario Kart 8 at anytime. The hackers simply need to decipher the RAM and have the ability to create custom tracks, songs, names, etc. As you can see in the video, they changed the Moo Moo Meadows level name to "Hello" and made the final lap music play during the beginning of the race.

Being able to rename the levels and alter each raceway's songs are just the tip of the iceberg by hackers Marionumber1, TheKit, Chadderz and Hykem. Who knows what sort of shenanigans they will be able to add to the game once they get more time to experiment. We're hoping for races with infinite Green Shells for every player on the road.