Who knew that a five minute long, fan-made Metroid music video could tell a story light-years better than Other M did?

This music video puts together the stellar composition of Brentalfloss and Alysha Umphress (as Samus) along the excellent animation work of Oscar Diaz. The resulting work is both a visual and auditory delight that takes its viewers through Samus Aran's most famous moments in the Metroid history (except for its love story at the beginning).

We get to see Samus tell her boyfriend, Ethan, that she's going away on a mission. It turns out this mission is the trip to the Planet Zebes from the original, 8-bit Metroid title. After reliving some of the original title's action, we see Ms. Aran in her Varia Suit from Super Metroid as she takes on her infamous nemesis, Ridley. During the entire video, we hear the narrative of Samus being sang in a Disney-esque soliloquy.

After the Ridley fight, we see Samus encountering the infamous parasitic lifeforms that the series is named after. At the end of the captivating video, we see Samus run into Mother Brain's chamber, hinting at their climactic battle. Hopefully, Brentalfloss, Umphress and Diaz will work together again to do an adequate followup to such a high quality and touching piece of animated fan art.