The studio known for Borderlands has just revealed co-op gameplay from its new first-person shooter/MOBA hybrid, Battleborn.

Gearbox Software's co-op footage of Battleborn is looking quite impressive and proves to be a clear evolution of what the studio tried to do in the Borderlands series. Battleborn even has a similar cel-shaded look to Borderlands. Since it is going to be a current-gen exclusive, its cel-shading looks much better than Gearbox's previous titles.

Battleborn offers multiple heroes for you to play, five player simultaneous combat, tons of NPC baddies for you to shoot and MOBA-like goals for you to pursue. In terms of story, when every star in the universe has gone dark except for Solus, all sorts of species go to war in Solus' system and try to wage war for the last light of the galaxy.

Battleborn will launch sometime in 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.