In the latest of Ubisoft's in-depth gameplay video series, the publisher provides a closer look at what makes Watch Dogs so special. Now you can learn how it's possible Aiden Pierce can hack an entire city.

Breaking into CTOS to have control over all connected devices in Chicago won't be easy, but using a bit of savvy, you'll be able to own the grid in no time. The amount of things you'll be able to do with the data you're capable of stealing is quite impressive, though some (hacking an ATM) are probably a bit more useful than others (watching people dance at home).

The more hacking you do, the more hacking skills you can unlock, and the better you'll be at fending off unwanted attention (like the police). You'll also be able to stop crime using the city's prediction software, giving you the opportunity to be a hero or look away. There's a great deal of flexibility in using CTOS, and we can't wait to finally get our hands on it to see what we can really do.