Save Money. Live Better. Stop the Forerunners.

OXM UK reports that the Walmart has a listing on its website where you can pre-order the major Halo title that is coming out for Xbox One, which is presumably going to be called Halo 5. Walmart has made the untitled Halo project available for pre-order and has labelled it with a shipping date of Oct. 1, 2014. Contrasting this shipping date, Walmart has attached the following description for the upcoming game: "Halo 5, a Microsoft console exclusive, is a pre-release general shooter game to be released in December of 2014."

Given Walmart's prevalence in so many areas of the marketplace, it's rather tough to consider it a reliable source of information in regards to specific game release dates that most industry insiders don't even know about, so we suggest that Halo fans should take this news a grain of salt. We can't wait to see the Chief take on the Forerunners again, but we have a feeling we may have to wait a little while longer. Nevertheless, we still hope that Walmart is right.

Total Xbox has also reported that Microsoft has officially contacted them with the following message: "This listing is not indicative of a Halo product launch. We have no news to share of future Halo titles." Odds are we won't find out what lies ahead for the Halo franchise until E3, but hopefully Microsoft has something in the works for 2014.

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