Love is in the air in the newest trailer for Until Dawn, the slasher movie-inspired action/horror game which promises branching story paths, pulse-pounding suspense, and blood. So much blood.

Until Dawn's basic set up is something we've seen in countless slasher flicks— eight attractive young people try to survive as a relaxing outing turns deadly. However, as we'll be in control, how many of these kids survive is entirely up to us. It seems developer Supermassive Games was going for the "ironic song playing in the background of a horror trailer" approach to this video, trying to highlight that, in addition to helping decide which characters will live and die throughout your playthrough, you can also help decide who will (or won't) hook up. If this goes right, the fanfics practically write themselves.

Given that Until Dawn seems to draw so heavily on horror movie tropes we've seen done to death, the question remains as to whether or not the final product will be something compelling. Heavy Rain drew heavily from David Fincher-esque thrillers to create a blended, cinematic, gaming experience... to mixed effects. Perhaps putting players in the victim's seat for a seemingly standard horror movie experience will be enough to propel Until Dawn into greatness, but here's hoping its writers do a better job of creating engaging characters than we find in most games. After all, we're not really going to care if we're getting these characters killed if we don't like the characters.

Until Dawn is due out the summer of 2015 on PlayStation 4.

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