As the horror game genre is being filled with first-person jump scares, Until Dawn attempts to bring the teenage slasher story back to the PlayStation 4.

To celebrate the launch of Until Dawn, Supermassive Games has released a new trailer for its adventure game-style horror title. Originally developed as a PlayStation 3 title with PlayStation Move support (ugh), the game was redone as a PS4 exclusive. Until Dawn features eight young people (in their late teens and early 20s) who become trapped during a remote mountain getaway and must survive a sadistic killer stalking them.

The story is simple enough: teens partying at an isolated location start dying. 10 friends plan for a weekend of fun and debauchery at an empty ski lodge in the middle of nowhere. One of the girls gets tricked into getting all handsy with one of the boys. The other party goers are hiding in the closet and under the bed in the same room as them. Clothes get removed, the girl gets embarrassed and leaves the cabin. The girl's sister chases after her. The two siblings encounter a creepy person in the woods and ultimately die. A year later, the other eight friends reunite at the same cabin. Only this time, the same malevolent force steps out of the shadows and starts terrorizing the entire group. In an era of horror where most of its movies are regurgitated ghost stories or abysmal remakes, I'm glad to see the teenage slasher flick return in this new format.

Until Dawn is out now for PlayStation 4.

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