A curious bunch of English college students have appropriated a copy of the Unreal Engine and an Oculus Rift. They aim to make an underwater exploration game called UnderCurrent, and it is the closest most of us will get to seeing the deep sea.

VR seems to have captured the imagination of a group of UK students. They aim to make a game all about underwater exploration. They've already put together three levels and are looking to create more and flesh out the mechanics and music. This is a unique opportunity for you, because they're diligently updating their website with their efforts, follies, and successes while they are working on the project. The game already looks pretty damn good. Not bad for some college kids. Hell, not bad for anyone.

If you want to check out their progress and artwork for UnderCurrent, be sure to check out their website. You won't want to miss this opportunity. Who knows, you might be having a peek into the future of VR gaming.