Undead Soccer has the makings of an excellent game, and if first impressions were the only thing that mattered, then this hot date is marriage material. Unfortunately, the closer you get to reality, it simply, as Winona Ryder and Ben Stiller realized, just bites.

As a free download, Undead Soccer is definitely recommended, and even if it cost $0.99, I'd still urge zombie and futbol fanatics to give it a shot. With its comic book-style visuals and unforced sense of humor, the game has a distinct point of view. Although the tutorial is over and done with by the first minute, it's still my favorite how-to thanks to the rotten finger. Controlling the game calls for a flick of the finger to kick the soccer ball and tilting your device to the left or right will move your character's view from side to side.

Your zombie kills aren't just from kicking a regular soccer ball into a horde of walking corpses; throughout the game you will have a plethora of power ups, which are seen on the lower right hand of your device. They can fill the ball with acid, give it a devastating bouncing attack, or even turn it to ice. With the ice attack, enemies will freeze, giving you enough time to shatter them to pieces. There is also a gun option which intermittently pops up. To fire away, tap the zombies at will and the bullets will find them.

The upgrades are also numerous, which should keep gamers glued to Undead Soccer for much longer than ten minutes. These are all great aspects to this zombie sports game, and credit developers CGMatic for making a first-rate, entertaining experience during its initial stages.

Whenever you complete a level, a pop-up advertisement for another game for you to download invades your device. Players with the patience of Job may not take immediate issue with the ads, but given a little time, even the most unassuming of gamers may feel a slight annoyance.

I was irritated with this distracting feature within minutes, and my attitude didn't improve after I accidentally clicked these windows and was sent to a completely different destination. For all its game play pluses, Undead Soccer is far from seamless thanks to the barrage of ads. Going from the living dead to Triple Seven Slot Bonanza and Swiped is just plain wrong and stupid.

When you die, you also are sent back right to the start of the game. Repeating levels, no matter how fun it is to kick the heck out of zombies, is not what the doctor ordered. These are two huge strikes for a game that totally started off on the right foot.

The "your name here" style of advertising is a big blunder in a game that truly deserved better. It's still a lot of fun to kick the soccer ball around, especially if a zombie apocalypse is upon us. On a visual and gameplay level, Undead Soccer also passes the eye test. But looks are deceiving, and what could have been the love that got away is simply, to quote Bryan Adams, a one night love affair.


App Store Link: Undead Soccer for iPhone & iPad | By Bulkypix | Price: Free | Version: 1.1 | 42 MB | Rating 9+

6.0 out of 10 arcade sushi rating