Halo fans in North America better start crossing their fingers, toes, arms, legs, and whatever else you can cross that the Halo Master Chief Collection gets the limited edition treatment here as Britain is getting, because these are some cool packages for die-hard Chief followers.

Two limited edition of the Halo compendium are coming to GAME in the UK: a Limited Edition which includes a steelbook case, a book of maps listing cartographical rundowns of every area in the franchise, and the Grunt Funeral DLC skull that makes every Grunt explode after being killed; and a Mjolnir Edition with includes everything in the Limited Editon plus that beautiful Kotobukiya ArtFX Master Chief statue pictured above, which is almost a foot tall and comes with interchangeable arms and a Battle Rifle for maximum posing potential.

Normally we're not sad about region-specific collector's editions, but that Chief status is pretty damn impressive to the point that we're considering importing a disc we can't play in our American Xbox Ones just to be able to place that on our mantle. It'll be totally worth it, even if the £169 cost equates to $285. Still, if Microsoft wanted to bring the Mjolnir Edition to the States, we wouldn't be sad about it.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection will launch on Xbox One on Nov. 11.