Series co-creator Ed Boon has recently hinted that we will be seeing some fresh new fighters in Mortal Kombat X.

Mortal Kombat X has some empty spots to fill. Since the plot of the last MK killed off nearly every character on the roster, there is plenty of room for some new faces. We know, having a bunch of fatalities in a Mortal Kombat game shouldn't be a surprise, but having only Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade and Raiden being the only survivors was a bit much. Even though it was hinted that the next MK game's story would revolve around Shinnok, we have a feeling most of our favorite fighters will return somehow.

Asides from the Skarlet, there were no new characters in the 2011 Mortal Kombat. Granted nearly every character on the roster was redesigned from the ground-up (especially the cyborg ninjas, who had their original human bodies added to the game), but we still wanted some new faces nonetheless. We don't necessarily count Freddy Kruger or Kratos as new characters either. Luckily, Boon has confirmed that MK X's big presence at E3 next week will feature two brand new characters.

Fan speculation abounds already, with potential candidates like Tremor (from the Vita version of MK9), Belokk (cut from Mortal Kombat Gold) and Hornbuckle (the guy fighting in the background on the Pit II stage) the early front-runners to join the pack. We don't have long to find out, but we're already eager to learn more at E3 next week.