Former James Bond actor, Pierce Brosnan, attempted (and we're using that word loosely) to play GoldenEye 007 on a Nintendo 64 with Jimmy Fallon on 'The Tonight Show'.

The lead actor of 'The Thomas Crown Affair' and 'Dante's Peak' played a quick round of GoldenEye 007 (or what many of us used to call "GoldenEye 64") with Jimmy Fallon on his late-night talk show. In the video, Fallon admits being addicted to playing this game with his roommates in college.

We remember loving GoldenEye after its release in 1997. It offered a wide variety of gameplay for a first-person shooter (especially one on a Nintendo console) and redefined our expectations of the genre. Its use of four-person multiplayer helped bring a level of competitiveness that only PC players were only able to experience at the time over to consoles. GoldenEye's multiplayer acted as the progenitor to the massive, online FPS experiences we have on consoles today.

Unfortunately, it looks as if Brosnan is much more efficient at killing people in a tuxedo than he is with a controller in his hand.

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